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Rank Site In Out
26 Eon Palace
17 257

A fan-fiction website with plenty of stories to make you laugh! Also has several ongoing fan-fiction, character biographies for characters in said fan-fiction, artwork, and reviews of other series!
27 Giratina's Cave
15 300
A small pokemon and graphic site.
28 Team Rango (A Pokemon Team)
14 376

Team Rango is a a great site that features a main site with 40+ pages of content, a style switcher with many great layouts, a hard-working staff, and much more! So why not check it out?!
29 Shooting-Star
14 216

Shooting-Star is a Pokemon, Graphic, Writing and Tutorial site which is swiftly growing! Perhaps you'd like to pay us a visit?
30 Pokémon Vanadium Edition
12 241

Pokémon Vanadium is a online Pokémon game for your web browser. Will have all the features you know and love just improved in little way to make you gaming experience better.
31 Chaos Gaming Pro
12 319
CGP is a brand new Pokemon fansite for the video game series. A small site updated almost daily, feel free to take a look around!
32 Pirinite Designs
12 401

Pirinite designs is mainly about a fake Pokemon I designed named Pirinite. It also has other Pokemon though, and is a slowly growing website.
33 Pokemon Farm
11 296

A site where you can adopt Pokemon. Join today and have a chance to adopt an exclusive Pokemon: the spiky-eared Pichu available in the summmer
34 SSPokemon
11 234

a Pokemon fan forum, come chat, play, have fun and meet new friends.
35 XxPokemonGiveawaysxX
10 312

A website for all Pokemon lovers. Get free graphics, chat, and more!
36 Sailor Moon Institute
10 59

A Sailor Moon fan site in dedicated to the Anime series from the 1990s. This site features info, pictures, fun stuff and more!
37 Silver Dawn
10 169

Silver Dawn is a site dedicated to a gallery of artwork of Erin~! Silver Dawn also offers Graphic resources, & tutorials.
38 Dragonair's Den
9 201

Capture Pokémon, befriend the Elemental Spirit Guardians and unlock the secret of the Den in this fun and friendly text-based RPG!
39 Dusknoir's Spirit World
9 268

Dusknoir's Spirit world is mainly known for it's amazing, free pokemon buttons and banners.Hope you vote for me!!

40 Pokemon Glory
9 255

A Great Pokemon Site!!!!
41 Ganium
8 158
A blooming site telling the tales of another side of Pokemon.....
42 Poke' Legacy
7 301

A Awesome Pokemon SIte!
43 Kunai Kirby
7 250

Kunai Kirby is a new site I made. It is now fully HTML, and I'll be transfering the Pokewish files to here soon!
44 Pokemon Fan Clubs
7 177

A wonderful Pokemon Fan Club. Meet new people at our forums!
45 Squilenth
5 132

This Adoptable Site It Is New but its going to have A lot of New Adoptables Everyday!! New Contests Each Week!! Different Prizes In Each Contest! Hiring Staff!!! So Join now!!!!
46 Only 3 words
5 166

Pokemon, Friends, Fun. Join now for a progressing forum and a friendly chat!
47 Pokemon Tundra
4 237

A TRPG where the region is for the most part, cold.
48 Pokemon Inferno
3 211

The best site for Pokemon AND Anime. We have a Pokedex, an arcade, chat, online anime, brand new updated forums, game descriptions, spriting and trainer card tutorials, and much more!
2 242

Umbreon's Hideout of Darknesss is a fan of Umbreon. This site has quite alot of graphics, a neat layout and much more, so please check out this site NOW!
50 Night Shade Designs
2 244

It's a graphic website, filled of avatars, icons, banners / signatures, and wallpapers. I don't own the artwork that i use at my graphic works. They are copyrighted to their respective owners.

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